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Conceived as a collaborative endeavour, this website is intended to be a sharing platform among colleagues around the world who are actively developing and imparting associative financial literacy – whether in schools, youth groups or informal deprived settings.

Several research meetings have taken place where teachers met and discussed how financial literacy can be understood and taught. The latest has been organized by the Economics Conference of the Goetheanum together with the Pedagogical Section and took place 17th October 2020 at the Goetheanum. A report can be found here.

The main focus of this work is the teaching of financial literacy in schools to students from rising 12 to rising 19. The main contributors are, therefore, actual teachers who can use this site to share their experience, their work and their questions.

Associative financial literacy is equally important in informal schoolings, marginalised youth settings, and for those in their 20s, so some of the faculty are active in these contexts. Others are focused on academic and policy-oriented work.

The details below serve as introductions to some of those taking part, their biographies and insights in this field. If you want to know more about associative financial literacy, anyone of them would be happy to hear from you.

Teachers in Schools


Fionn Meier


Oliver van der Waerden


Arthur Edwards


Vanessa Pohl


Camila Pannain


Teachers in other settings

Christopher Houghton Budd


Lúcia Sígolo


Daniel Osmer


Economics Conference of the Goetheanum

This website is the responsibility of Fionn Meier, Switzerland, a colleague within the Economics Conference of the Goetheanum. Although the language is currently English, this is a worldwide website. Accordingly, postings are made in a range of languages.

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